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UK Wind Study Draft Available

A draft of the new UK study attempting to measure the impact of wind farms on property values is available for review and comment. The study, conducted by Professor Steve Gibbons, Director of the London School of Economics, Spatial Economics Research Centre, concluded: “Wind farms reduce house prices in postcodes where the turbines are visible. […]

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New Wind Farm in Wisconsin?

In October, Emerging Energies of Wisconsin obtained a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to construct a wind farm in St. Croix County.  The Highland Wind Farm would be the first to be permitted following Wisconsin Act 40, a controversial state law passed in 2009.  Act 40 establishes […]

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Wind Turbines and Property Values

Condemnation valuation litigation involving acquisitions for roads, electric transmission lines and natural gas or petroleum pipelines is commonplace.  Property valuation issues, particularly with respect to electric transmission lines, have been studied by accomplished and well-known experts in the fields of statistics and real estate appraisal for several decades and published in peer-reviewed, professional journals.  But […]