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Seizing Mortgages – Richmond Fails to Get Supermajority Vote

The Richmond City Council has failed to obtain the supermajority of votes needed to enact its eminent domain plan to seize underwater mortgages. California eminent domain law requires five of the seven members of a city council to approve a measure to use eminent domain. Richmond could not obtain the five required votes to proceed. […]

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If a Permit Condition Is Not a Compensable Taking, It Is Constitutional

It is a natural assumption that if a municipality is going to impose conditions on the granting of a building permit that the conditions must be reasonably related to the permit or else the conditions are not constitutional. But, a California court has held that if the condition that is being imposed does not unconstitutionally […]


UK Wind Study Draft Available

A draft of the new UK study attempting to measure the impact of wind farms on property values is available for review and comment. The study, conducted by Professor Steve Gibbons, Director of the London School of Economics, Spatial Economics Research Centre, concluded: “Wind farms reduce house prices in postcodes where the turbines are visible. […]