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Wind Turbines and Property Values in the UK

I recently described two statistical studies completed in 2013 attempting to measure the effect of wind turbines on residential property values. One analyzed 48,000 home sales in New England, and was conducted by Professor Cory Lang of the University of Rhode Island. The other analyzed 50,000 sales of homes in 27 counties in nine states. […]

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Seizing Mortgages – The Impact on the Financial Markets

The Richmond eminent domain plan has attracted a great deal of attention since the city first introduced it. Many approved of its purpose: to help the poor fight to keep their heads above water when their homes were so far underwater. There are many, however, who do not share this sentiment. Banks and investors are […]


Iowa Ponders a Legislative Change

Three Iowa legislators plan to co-sponsor bills that some have suggested will “strengthen Iowans’ private property rights” by limiting the taking of private property through the use of eminent domain. Two new bills are reportedly in the works. The first would limit electric transmission line projects to those which provide a “significant portion” of the […]

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In Minnesota, a Legal Non-Conforming Use is Not Terminated by Issuing or Revoking a Conditional Use Permit

A permitted use is a use for a property that is intended and allowed as long as the landowner meets all of the other requirements of the particular zoning category.  A conditional use is a use for a property that is conditioned upon certain requirements.  In the latter, the landowner applies for a conditional use […]

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Court Holds Condemnation is Not Mandatory

In Chojnacki v. Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (“WPS”), a Wisconsin Circuit Court case venued in Portage County, WPS negotiated an easement for a gas main on Mr. Chojnacki’s property. WPS simply negotiated a price for the easement rather than following Chapter 32 condemnation procedures.  Chojnacki sued, alleging he is entitled to more money for the […]